Music Consulting

Welcome to my website!  I've done just about everything in the music business: I'm a professional multi-instrumentalist, a published song writer, experienced music producer and composer for Television and Film.

From concept to finished product to successful marketing campaign, I've made decisions large and small for myself and my artist clients.  I've created storyboards and visual concepts for several music videos, assisted clients with making decisions about their careers, image, branding, booking, production...all aspects of the music industry.

I have written, produced, recorded, mixed, mastered, released, promoted multitudes of artist projects, including my own.  My efforts have been hands on and very successful.

And I can do the same for you.  I can help you navigate the NEW music business, which demands a higher level of decision making, strategy and know-how from artists.

I look forward to offering you my insight and assisting you to build the career of your dreams.


"Dave Tweedie has an uncanny ability to look past the panic of decision overload and help me to clearly see what I need to do, and remain calm while doing it.  He's incredibly talented in his own right, but he also has a particular gift for bringing out the best in the artists he works with.  I have truly benefited from his advice and perspective.  Thank you Dave!"

Victoria Theodore / Pianist-singer-songwriter (Stevie Wonder, Arsenio Hall Show)


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